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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Human rights groups in London come under attack by hired supporters’ of Iranian government

The World Association for protection of human rights in Iran :- Attack on human right groups by ‘hired supporters’ of Iranian government .

On Sunday 30th January 2011 an street demonstration took place against treatments of women under the Iranian regime in Hyde Park Corner by the members of The World Association for protection of human rights in Iran and the “the International Committee in Support of Sufis & Students in Iran”,

The street presentation aim was to raise global awareness of human right violations within Iran, by highlighting, compulsory hejab, suppression, rape in prison and execution, women go under Iranian dictatorship regime, ruled by Velayat-e Faqih.

This protest was highly welcomed by the general public, British citizens and the tourists., and exposed true side of Iranian government ruled by Velayat-e Faqih with the system of execution, worshipping ceremonies’ and sacrifice humans for the satisfaction of Satin, under the name of Islam.

In between the show the human right activist had been physically attacked by the followers of Velayat-e faqih.

The two young men who attacked the human right activist initially approached the group with a flyer and then started to use foul language and physically attacking the two camera men and in the end they used threatening language by “ you will see the consequence of what you are doing “ . it was noted that the couple who had attacked the human right group had been miss informed and brainwashed to what was happening in the protest .

In the end this violent behavior, the security and audience in the speaking corner intervened and asked these people who “ have been hired by the Iranian regime” to leave the place.

London Protests against Treatment of Women under the Iranian Regime

“The World Association for protection of human rights in Iran:- Street show on " Women under System of Devil Worshippers In Iran".

“The World Association for protection of human rights in Iran”, “the International Committee in Support of Sufis & Students in Iran”, in conjunction with Amnesty International conducted a street show against the Iranian regime’s human rights violations. The show, which was called “ Women Under System Of Devil Worshippers In Iran”, took place in Hyde Park Corner, London on Sunday 30th January 2011 between 12 pm to 3 pm.

The street presentation aim was to raise global awareness of human right violations within Iran, by highlight compulsory herjab, suppression, rape in prison and execution, women go under Iranian dictatorship regime, ruled by Velayat-e Faqih. The presentation also highlighted the hidden agenda of the regime which is to spread superstition and intolerance globally in the name of their version of "Islamic doctrine”

This show was met by unprecedented large audience, and supported by the general public, residence of London and British tourists that were met at Hyde Park Corner.

Part of protest demonstrated how the system of Velayat-e Faqih way of worshipping the devil, by conducting ceremonies to sacrifice humans for the satisfaction of the devil. This was part of continued series of protests the have successfully been held throughout Western Europe that have met with considerable enthusiasm by the general public.

Furthermore, it was noted on the day, there was a extensive numbers of questions raised by the audience about the Velayat-e Faqih system and how Iranian governments is under taking on average two execution per a day since 2011.

The World Association for protection of human rights in Iran

London branch

Copenhagen protest against execution in Iran

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Iran – Country of ethnic and religious diversity: challenges and opportunities”

The latest conference that was organized by the ‘International Organization to Preserve Human Rights in Iran’ and the ‘International Committee for the Rights of Students and Sufi's in Iran’ took place on Friday 21st January in Brussels.

Naser Boladai, Marietja Schaake, Dr. Mostafa Azmayesh, Ali Ashrafi Moravi, Sadegh Nabatchian at the conference:“Iran – Country of ethnic and religious diversity: Challenges and opportunities”

Together with Marietje Schaake, (Member of the European Parliament, The Netherlands), representatives of the diverse spectrum in Iran were gathered at one table. The aim of the event was to promote dialogue between different groups in order to know and understand each other better and go hand in hand on the path to democracy and freedom in Iran. The socio-political situation in Iran and the nature and intentions of the regime are well known. At present, the resistance of Iranian exiles is forming a joint phalanx on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Naser Boladai, Sadegh, Nabatchian Ali Ashrafi Moravie and Dr. Mostafa Azmayesh reported about the diversity of the ethnic groups and ideologies in Iran. By examples from Kurds, Baluchis, dervishes and students, they showed how the shadow of the regime of Ali Khamenei is spreading itself over the diversity of cultures, languages, and the sovereignty of the individual groups and how the regime wants to bring all their cultures, languages and traditions under a personality cult that hides itself behind Velayat-e-faghi.

Marietje Schaake welcomed the joint conference of so many different groups and stressed the need for further dialogue as did all the other participants. She promised to continue her fight for individual cases (see Resolution for Nasrin Sotudeh) as well as for the improvement of the general human rights situation in Iran. Ms. Schaake will keep urging Catherine Ashton, High Commissioner for Foreign and Security Policy in the EP, to carry out so-called smart sanctions against the persons responsible within the regime. Ms. Schaake called on politicians and governments to put human rights in Iran high on their agenda.

Emile Franck, Amnesty International Belgium, Coordinator of Persian Gulf countries

Among the participants in Brussels was also Emile Franck, representative of Amnesty International, Belgium, who referred to the actions of ‘a face for freedom in Iran’ and ‘a face on human rights in Iran’. He pointed out that the pictures of the actions show a lot of very different people who united to fight for human rights in Iran. He pronounced the hope that one day, hopefully very soon, we would be able to hold similar actions in Tehran and further parts of Iran; to take pictures of Iranians from different backgrounds to request respect for human rights in other countries, and to unite them on a poster for everybody to be seen as a sign of protest and solidarity.

By: mehriran

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Conference"Iran-Country of ethnic and religious diversity challenges and opportunities"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

16th of Azar in London

In celebration of Iranian Students day on 7th December (16th of Azar) and in order to protest against the oppression and cruelty inflicted on the Iranian Students by the Iranian regime the supporters of "World Society for honouring human rights in Iran" , "The International Committee for the rights of Sufis”, and students together with cooperation of the Amnesty International in London held a street protest at Trafalgar Square in London.

As part of this protest there was theoretical presentation on treatment of students by the Iranian regime which depicted the fight of brave Iranian students against the tyrannical (Zahhak) Iranian regime.

The following video show the protest and its well received response by the general public in London.